• WWBF Recycling initiative being mindful of our sensitive environment recognize the fact that baby steps still get us to the finish line. We have implemented the following

  • Replaced the industry standard plastic punnet with 100% recyclable card board packaging for pre packed product where possible

  • Provided refuse bins to separate rubbish to insure minimum environmental impact

  • Designed 100 % recyclable Pick Your Own vessels

  • Installed Biological septic tank waste system

  • Work on a minimum water usage team

  • Provide retail water in glass bottles only

  • As much as possible utilize a vast array of biological pest and disease control options on the orchard side

  • Heavy emphasis placed on organic fertilizers and the use of beneficial organisms to control Pest & Disease on the orchard

  • Utilize and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system on the orchard to include but not limited to Predator Insects to control to a economically acceptable level Pest & Disease

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